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Abacus and Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Teacher Training

Overview of Vedic Math Teacher Training

Vedic Math Teacher Training is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to teach Vedic Mathematics. This program will provide teachers with an understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Mathematics and how to apply them in the classroom.


It will also cover topics such as teaching strategies, assessment techniques, and how to use technology to enhance learning. Additionally, it will provide teachers with practical tips on using Vedic Math in their own teaching practice. With Vedic Math Teacher Training, teachers will be able to confidently teach their students the valuable concepts of Vedic Math and help them gain a better understanding of mathematics as a whole.

The Advantages of Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training

Start your own online Vedic Mathematics lessons

Open a Vedic Mathematics coaching facility.

Join as a Vedic Maths instructor in recognized academic institutions.

Vedic Maths is an additional topic that you can offer students if you own a teaching facility.

Become a Certified Vedic Maths Teacher in Just 4 weekss

Course Duration 60 Days
Total number of Levels
4 With Additional Topics
Teaching Mode
Online Classes
Practise Material
Provided after completion of Course
Exam Mode
Support Via telephone, WhatsApp chat, E-Mail

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    What does this course cover?

    “Abacus & Vedic Maths” offers a single approved teacher training programme where we cover the entirety of Vedic Maths based on the teachings of Tirthaji rather than confounding teachers with several levels and grades (Founder of Vedic Maths)

    In 36 hours, we cover more than 60 topics, ranging from elementary addition to calculus (spread over two in these three months). This live, “one-on-one” or “one-to-many” online class is conducted specifically for you. Our live teacher leads the lesson in real-time; no films are played.

    Our course’s scheduling is extremely flexible, allowing you to work around your own schedule. It has always been our mission to provide this course for instructors from all around the world and make it the best online training available.

    Top 6 Motivators for Becoming an Approved Vedic Math Teacher

    Enjoy Math

    Don’t let arithmetic continue to be a source of anxiety for the kids. So that they might get higher results, make them fall in love with maths

    Launch a Math Initiative

    You may launch your own business focused on math instruction after you have enough expertise. You can apply for the Vedic Maths Forum franchise program or think about doing it yourself.

    Add Some Edge

    Vedic Math abilities may help you become the most well-liked teacher at your school and get praise for your work from peers, parents, and kids alike.

    Continuous Learning

    For the purpose of improving your effectiveness as a teacher, you study new Vedic Mathematical approaches and procedures.

    Successful Future

    If you are skilled in Vedic mathematics, you can find excellent employment prospects both online and offline. Let your abilities speak for themselves!

    Make a Distinction

    Keep in mind that by enrolling in this course, you help ensure a brighter future for your neighborhood and the next generation. 

    Vedic Mathematics Online Classes Scope
    • There is a problem in math education at the global level. 
    • The fear of math is widespread among students, instructors, and even parents across the world. 
    • Around the world, there is a severe shortage of math teachers, to the point that no one wants to work in this field. 
    • Lesson delivery in schools is of poor quality, and possibilities for private coaching are prohibitively expensive.

    You may help with the answer to this issue by instructing students in Vedic mathematics. If you dig a little further, this issue also spells itself as a worldwide opportunity. 


    Vedic mathematics ideas are applicable to a wide range of students, from those in Grade III and up to those preparing for competitive exams. Because of this, Vedic Mathematics online course has a very bright future and a very broad application. 

    Who can join the Vedic Math Training for Teachers Course?




    Tutoring Facilities

    Parents who Teaches Their own Children

    Math Teachers & Working Professionals

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    Why "Abacus & Vedic Maths"?


    Take advantage of a professional training company’s Vedic Maths expertise.

    Receive instruction from qualified instructors.

    Up the value of your professional profile.

    Study at home at your own speed.

    Become professionally certified in Vedic mathematics.

    Flexible and convenient study schedule.

    Affordable Costs and Training.

    Individual Mentoring


    No. Vedic mathematics gives several methods for resolving any issue. Students feel more comfortable completing math assignments after learning Vedic math since they can access more answers.

    From Standard 5 (10 years) and up, Vedic mathematics can be taught. Vedic Maths helps kids overcome their fear of math, develop a passion for the subject, pass scholarship examinations, and foster creativity via pattern observation and recognition.

    Students get 45 to 60 seconds to attempt each question in competitive tests like the CET, CAT, GRE, GMAT, government exams, banking exams, etc. They can calculate more quickly than before, thanks to Vedic math.

    You should check out a sample with the paid teacher for less, then judge. We take care of the youngster and adhere to a comprehensive philosophy. The tutors work with the parent to guarantee that mental math is a habit rather than merely a course.

     The mental one-line formulae used in Vedic mathematics include a built-in system of several checks. The pupil cannot fail. In Vedic mathematics, failure is not an option. Therefore, Vedic Mathematics aids in boosting a student’s self-confidence as success breeds success and reveals a student’s genuine potential

    In class, a kid is attentive. Without a teacher to keep him focused, he will soon be watching cartoons online instead of learning mental math. Lessons are designed to put them ahead of their grades.

    Yes. Concepts such as Quadratic Equations, Simultaneous Equations, Trigonometry, and even Calculus have been made simple and easier in Vedic Mathematics.

    Our instructors are accredited to teach Vedic math by the Indian Institute of Vedic Math India & UK, possess a master’s or bachelor’s degree in education, and work full-time as teachers.

    Our tutors are experts who are prepared to push your child ahead of their present class by starting them on a path of learning, self-confidence, and mental clarity.

    We prefer lecturers for advanced classes who are IIT-trained and already working as college instructors.

    Vedic mathematics uses both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left side of the brain organizes information logically and sequentially, where language is processed. The right side processes more instinctively, holistically, and unpredictably and is more visual, which improves memory and focus. Since you are calculating without a pen or piece of paper, you are truly focusing, which improves your ability to focus.

    We need clarification more frequently regarding tricks and math. It is a technique if you find a solution soon. But if you grasp the logic behind the trick, arithmetic is the answer.


    The Vedic Maths curriculum helps students become better mathematicians. As a result, the learner can examine the qualities and develop his own mathematical quick cuts and techniques

    There is much more to math than simple computations. Calculators can aid basic arithmetic computations. But what about math subjects like algebra, geometry, ratio, and proportion? Calculators cause us to inadvertently grow so reliant on them that we utilize them even to add two-digit figures.

    • Quickly and successfully solves a problem (mathematical or practical) while smiling.
    • Gains a deeper understanding of problems (whether in mathematics or real life).
    • I will be in a life-ready condition.
    • Very good with mathematical ideas.
    •  Excellent Analytical abilities.
    • Leadership skills.
    • Being always one step ahead

    Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to try “Abacus & Vedic Maths”! Book your free demo now at info@abacusandvedicmaths.com or give us a call at +91-865-787-8563.

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