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Get Started with Vedic Maths Classes & Courses Online – Beginner to Advanced

Vedic maths offers a great way to learn different math calculations quickly and efficiently. It was developed in ancient India and known after the late Swami Shri Bharathi Krishna Thirthaji Maharaj, who reconstructed 16 Vedic sutras and 13 sub-sutras.

A&V’s Vedic Maths Online Courses have successfully coached over 1500+ students in mastering the concept of Vedic Mathematics. Here Courses follow a planned and structured roadmap for comprehensive learning from the beginner to the advanced level.


If you are new to Vedic Maths, don’t be intimidated – we have the perfect beginners’ course for you. It covers all the essential sutras and their advantages in great detail. We also have many examples and practice exercises to help you get up to speed quickly.

1. All the courses have lifetime access.
2. Course Completion Certificate
3. Bonus Chapters
4. Worksheets in the form of PDFs
5. Join Vedic Maths Community

Benefits of Taking Vedic Maths Courses from AV

To know more about The Benefits of Online Vedic Maths Classes and How to Get Started, Read More

Who Wants to Take Vedic Maths Classes?

Our courses are suitable for a wide range of people, such as students from 3rd to 12th grade, those preparing for competitive exams, educators, guardians, and general use in our daily life.

Maths is an excellent subject to excel in with the help of certain interesting formulae and tricks. The mental calculation techniques on this platform can help your child increase their calculation speed, leading to better academic performance.

Teachers and Homemakers can earn additional money by teaching Vedic maths to students. It’s a great way to make extra income while helping others learn something new.

Online Vedic Maths Courses Details

The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths

 (Beginner Level Course)
The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths is the most suitable course for anyone looking to start mastering mathematics. This course will introduce you to the basics of Vedic maths, the 16 sutras, and four bonus chapters that take your learning to a whole new level.


This program is suited to students in grades 3-12 and those preparing for competitive tests such as the CET, GMAT, Banking, Railways, and SSC. It’s also beneficial for teachers and parents looking to refine their math skills & gain an extra source of income.


With 18 lectures, this course features lifetime access, certification upon completion, bonus chapters, pdf worksheets, and the Vedic Maths Community for help and guidance.


In this Online Vedic maths course, you can use Vedic maths tricks to perform arithmetic and algebraic calculations in record time. You’ll learn to take your math skills from beginner to expert level. Plus, have lots of fun while experimenting with mathematics.

Multiplication Mastery of Vedic maths

Vedic maths is a set of ancient mathematical techniques that can help students learn multiplication quickly and easily. These techniques use the power of memory, visualization, and pattern recognition to enable students to master multiplication in a short period. With the help of vedic maths, students can easily solve complex multiplication problems, saving them time and energy.


While conventional maths requires using the standard multiplication methodology involving a multiplicand and multiplier, Vedic Maths offers smarter ways to find solutions. It provides various techniques that allow you to compute more efficiently and accurately.


Examples include multiplying numbers near the base by 999’s, 5’s, 11’s, 12’s, and so on up to 99. This is an effective way of quickly and accurately computing multiplication.


This course will surely be an exciting journey where you can use Vedic tricks and quickly find answers in mathematics. I’m confident that you will have a great time!

Multiplication Mastery of Vedic maths

Division Mastery of Vedic Maths

The traditional art of Vedic maths is now being simplified and revolutionized through division mastery. Division mastery is the application of Vedic maths principles to solve complex problems quickly. 


This ancient system is a powerful tool for solving numerical problems faster and more accurately. It promises to help students, teachers, and professionals gain a deeper understanding of mathematics efficiently.


Although division is more complex than multiplication, it includes a few relatively easy tricks to calculate and comprehend.

Fun With Fractions, HCF & LCM in Vedic maths

A- Fractions

A fraction consists of two parts: the Numerator, which is placed on top of the line, and the Denominator, located below it. This formula can be solved using the Vertical or Crosswise method.

Under Fractions,

We have 2 Cases: When the denominators of two or more fractions are not divisible by each other, they are considered to be relatively prime.


2-When the denominating numbers are composed of multiple parts, like 3×5, they are known as Composite Numbers


Here we have easy tricks to solve Average, HCF, and LCM.

Division and prime factorization are two primary methods for finding the Highest Common Factor(HCF). These techniques are utilized most often when locating the HCF.


LCM is the least number, which is not zero, that can be evenly divided by two or more numbers. It computes the smallest number, a multiple of all the given numbers.


The above topics give simple methods to calculate and find answers.

Vedic Maths Tricks

Vedic Maths Tricks is a great way to solve mathematical problems compared to conventional/ school maths. It works by using special tricks which can be used to calculate sums quickly and accurately. This calculation method relieves people from the tedious task of counting numbers manually with their fingers.


The Vedic Maths Tricks Course is designed with eight exciting chapters that make solving questions in any exam – whether it’s school board or competitive exams – a breeze. Not only do these tricks save time, but they also make maths fun for students. So get ready to have a blast while mastering maths tricks!

vedic maths tricks

Vedic Tricks For Competitive Exams

Vedic Mathematics is deeply advantageous for students preparing for competitive tests. Its shortcuts and techniques can help them quickly solve maths problems, reducing or eliminating their fear of the subject. Furthermore, it boosts focus, improves memory power, and allows them to save time during exams. Regular practice of Vedic sutras can help students crack any competitive exam. Even complex calculations can be solved in no time with the help of Vedic techniques.


In the past, clearing competitive exams was a daunting challenge for students. Thankfully, Vedic maths tricks have been a game-changer! They help students breeze through the exams and gain confidence & satisfaction while learning maths. This course offers a variety of techniques to help you practice. It also includes chapters explained through examples and comes with exercise problems for reinforcement.


Through tutoring, I have helped students prepare for exams like CAT, Indian Railways, Banking, and UPSC. Thanks to the improved calculation speed they demonstrated, they have seen great improvement in their performances. It is fulfilling to witness our students accomplish milestones and reach their goals.


I’m sure you have a better idea of the roadmap & its corresponding courses now. Each module has examples, exercises, and downloadable worksheets (in PDF format) for practice. Vedic mathematics is an amazing way to get your brain working and active. The Complex calculation can be easily solved and increases observation power.

Vedic maths students have a dedicated space to interact with each other – a separate platform where they can join as a group. Vedic maths  is beneficial as it helps them stay focused on the subject, which may be more difficult on other popular social media platforms.

Our Courses provide all the information & resources you need to become a Maths Expert by learning Vedic maths. Why wait? Grab the opportunity and join our Lifetime Membership Access now for an enriching experience!

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