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Abacus and Vedic Maths
What is Vedic Mathematics?

What is Vedic Mathematics? Explore History, Benefits and Sutras

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient and holistic system of mathematical principles originating in India’s Vedas – ancient sacred texts with philosophical, religious, and mythological roots. Unlike conventional mathematical approaches, Vedic Mathematics employs strategies to simplify and speed up numerical calculations. We will delve into its core principles and how it differs from traditional mathematical techniques.


Vedic Mathematics is not just a collection of tricks; it is an all-encompassing system spanning various branches of mathematics. Its ease, universality, and coherence mark this approach – making it accessible to individuals of all ages and mathematical backgrounds. Discover how Vedic Math is a powerful mental math tool and can be applied in various real-life scenarios.


History of Vedic Math

Vedic Mathematics can be traced back to ancient India, where it was deeply integrated into Vedic literature. Here, we’ll look back on its historical development over centuries: from its appearance in Vedas and revived works of scholars who revived and spread this ancient knowledge to modern-day applications by students today – explore this fantastic journey that Vedic Mathematics has taken through time!

vedic maths

Explore the contributions of ancient mathematicians and scholars who pioneered Vedic Mathematics. Gain an appreciation of how this knowledge was passed along from generation to generation and eventually made known in modern society. Exploring History provides a greater appreciation of its wisdom.

Important Vedic Mathematics Sutras


At the core of Vedic Mathematics are its Sutras–concise yet aphoristic formulas that encapsulate mathematical principles concisely and aphoristically. This section will highlight some of the most essential Sutras of Vedic Math. It will provide insight into their significance and application across multiplication techniques to division strategies – they form the backbone of Vedic Mathematics!


Discover the beauty and complexity of Vedic Sutras, each serving as a shortcut or guideline for specific mathematical operations. With clear explanations and practical examples to grasp their essence, these Sutras will change how you approach and solve mathematical problems – whether you are a student, educator, or mathematics enthusiast! Understanding them opens a world of efficient calculations!


Difference between Vedic Mathematics and Modern Maths

Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics differ significantly, and here are five points highlighting their distinctions:

Origins and Historical Context:

vedic maths
  • Vedic Mathematics: Originating in ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas, it can be traced back to Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, who developed its techniques and principles from Vedic literature thousands of years ago.
  • Modern Mathematics: Modern mathematics has evolved over centuries through contributions by mathematicians from around the globe, with disciplines like algebra, calculus, geometry, and more developing through rigorous formalization and systematic reasoning.

Approach and Methods:

  • Vedic Mathematics: To address mathematical issues quickly and efficiently, Vedic Mathematics emphasizes mental calculation techniques and shortcuts, which emphasize mental calculations to solve mathematical problems. These include methods for multiplication, division, and square root operations that may be more efficient than conventional equivalents.
  • Modern Mathematics: Modern mathematics uses a formal and systematic approach, emphasizing abstract reasoning, logical proofs, and strict definitions. It relies on well-established mathematical structures, theorems, and axioms as a comprehensive and well-defined framework for understanding and solving mathematical problems.

Scope and Depth:

  • Vedic Mathematics: Vedic mathematics focuses on specific techniques for rapid mental calculations and simplifying arithmetic operations, often promoted as shortcuts applicable to everyday calculations.
  • Modern Mathematics: Modern mathematics encompasses many fields, such as abstract algebra, analysis, topology, and number theory. As an interdisciplinary discipline, it offers tools and methods for solving complex problems across scientific and engineering disciplines.

Acceptance and Recognition:

  • Vedic Mathematics: Though some individuals find it helpful for mental calculations, it has not found widespread recognition within mainstream mathematics communities. Many mathematicians and educators criticize it because it lacks a solid foundation and systematic development plan.
  • Modern Mathematics: Modern mathematics has become the go-to framework for mathematical understanding and research, providing a solid basis for academic curriculums worldwide and driving scientific and technological progress.

Pedagogical Applications:

  • Vedic Mathematics: Some educators use Vedic Mathematics techniques as supplementary tools for teaching basic arithmetic in schools. However, its adoption in formal education systems varies, and it is often seen as an alternative or enrichment rather than a replacement for conventional methods.
  • Modern Mathematics: Modern mathematics is the primary focus of formal education systems globally. It provides a structured and logical progression of concepts, building a foundation for students to understand and contribute to advancements in various fields.

Vedic Mathematics Provides Benefits for Mental Calculation

  • Speed and Efficiency: Vedic Mathematics is widely acknowledged for its ability to accelerate mental calculations dramatically. Utilizing efficient techniques, individuals can perform complex mathematical operations more quickly than ever.Vedic Mathematics offers a flexible solution to problem-solving. By offering multiple ways of arriving at the same result, individuals can select their favourite method that most effectively supports their thinking process.
  • Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: Learning Vedic Math can build solid problem-solving abilities. The techniques encourage a deeper understanding of numerical relationships, helping individuals tackle issues more clearly and confidently.
  • Improved Mental Agility: Vedic Mathematics’ mental math exercises enhance mental agility by honing cognitive abilities and making individuals better equipped to handle mathematical challenges mentally. Regular practice of these techniques makes individuals adept at handling numerical challenges.
  • Versatility across Subjects: Vedic Mathematics does not restrict itself to any branch of math; its principles can be applied across numerous topics and disciplines, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. As a result, its benefits extend well beyond traditional arithmetic disciplines like calculus. Vedic Mathematics’ structured and logical nature reduces errors during calculations. By streamlining procedures to reduce the steps involved and reduce risks of making mistakes in rapid mental calculations.
  • Applicability in Real-Life Scenarios: Vedic Mathematics can be used outside the classroom, from quickly estimating expenses and shopping discounts to quickly estimating expenses. Its practical applications become apparent in everyday situations.
  • Confidence in Mathematics: Learning Vedic Math can give individuals a boost of self-assurance when dealing with mathematical issues, with mental calculations quickly being performed for more positive attitudes towards math as a subject.
  • Students Benefit From Time-Saving in Exams: One of the critical advantages for students using Vedic Mathematics during examinations is time savings. Vedic Mathematics’ rapid problem-solving capability enables them to complete exams more quickly while managing time efficiently across sections.

Vedic Mathematics emphasises a holistic approach to learning that transcends numerical benefits alone. Individuals learn to appreciate and respect the beauty and simplicity of mathematical principles while developing an insatiable curiosity for this fascinating field of knowledge.

Exploring Vedic Math Sutras: Strategies for Faster Computation

Building on our exploration of Vedic Math Sutras, this section delves further into specific techniques derived from them. Discover how these techniques allow faster computation while offering shortcuts and strategies that simplify complex mathematical operations.


Discover three essential Vedic Mathematics Sutras and understand their applications and techniques in depth, including breaking multiplication down into manageable steps or using division Sutras to solve math challenges confidently and precisely.

Engage with step-by-step guides and practical examples illustrating the application of Vedic Mathematics Sutras techniques. After this section, you will not only have an understanding of Vedic Math Sutras theory but will be equipped to utilize these techniques in your mathematical endeavours.


Discover the Vedic Mathematics Course on our website through its resources, video tutorials, and interactive exercises – and unlock its full potential by understanding its History, benefits, and power, Sutras!


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