Abacus and Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic Maths
UCMAS and Abacus

UCMAS and Abacus: Which Mental Math Program Suits Your Needs?

Programs for mental math such as UCMAS and Abacus have gained a lot of attention due to their capacity to improve the mathematical abilities of children, promote cognitive development, and boost academic performance. We at AV “Abacus and Vedic Maths” Academy, we understand the importance of choosing a ideally-designed mental math program that will unlock your child’s potential in math, in this post, we will explain the key differences between these programs, and Also,help you make an informed choice about which one is most compatible with your objectives and requirements.

A Comprehensive Overview

UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic Systems) is a renowned International Mental Math Course that activates each side of your brain. This program emphasizes the mental calculation process, and aids in achieving speed and accuracy. This blog covers important aspects to provide a brief overview of the subject.

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Structured Curriculum

At UCMAS the curriculum follows a fun and organized path that covers different mental math skills, ranging starting with basic arithmetic to advanced calculations.

Abacus used in UCMAS

Students are taught how to use abacus as a  part of their mental calculations in UCMAS classes. They use it by manipulating the device manually to perform mental math.

Multisensory Approach At UCMAS

We employ a multisensory approach, which includes the senses of touch, sight and imagining as instruments to aid in mathematical understanding.

International Recognition

UCMAS is recognized internationally as an Effective Educational Program in maths education for the mind.

Abacus Training is a SUCCESSFUL SOLUTION

Abacus programs have been utilized for centuries to help  develop mathematical skills in a way that is effective. 

Here are the key characteristics that are part of Abacus instruction:

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1) The focus is upon Mental Skills Improvement:-Abacus classes concentrate on learning how to utilize the physical abacuses for mental calculations.

2) Simple and Accurate: Abacus training emphasizes precision and accuracy by playing with beads placed on the Abacus.

3) Cultural significance:- Abacus learning holds deep historical and cultural significance for many Asian nations as well as their educational system.

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Selecting the Right Program

If you are deciding from UCMAS and Abacus there are a variety of factors that should be taken into account:

Learning Style:- Think about the kind of learning environment that is most suitable for your child’s educational style. Some children might thrive in multisensory settings using UCMAS, whereas others might be more suited to the accuracy and simplicity of Abacus.

Check Availability:- Like everything, availability will be contingent on the location you live in. UCMAS and Abacus classes may be offered near you. Contact us to find out more.

Cost:– Compare fees between the programs. The UCMAS as well as Abacus classes could have different fees, so be sure to be aware of your budget prior to deciding one or the other.

Costs for Abacus Courses

The cost of Abacus courses varies considerably based upon the locations, institutions and levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) aspects. The process of determining the cost associated with Abacus programs can be difficult because the fees vary according to the prices of each institution. It is important to keep in mind that Abacus courses tend to be affordable and not expensive. It has proved to be a great way to improve children’s mental capacities like their ability to calculate and ability to think critically. Certain institutions offer packages which make multiple levels more economical.

Locating Abacus Classes Near Me

Finding Abacus training in your area is easy through search engines and educational directories. Local educational institutions or schools often provide suggestions for potential sources.

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Online Abacus Courses

The online Abacus classes have become more popular since the COVID-19 epidemic began with the aim of allowing flexibility and learning ease. Many of the most reputable Abacus training companies are now offering online courses and make Abacus more accessible than ever before to more people.


There’s no universally applicable answer to UCMAS as well as Abacus learning programs.Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so take the decision depending on the comparison, both brands are well recognized, no one is better than other. Think of the suitable program for you is ultimately yours and your child’s personal learning style and goals.In Delighted Champs, we provide guidelines and resources for both programs to ensure that your child is receiving the best possible math education specifically suited to their specific needs. Whichever Course you choose, the journey to unlock the mathematical potential of your child and further growth in their cognitive abilities starts today!

Are You Interested in The Abacus Course or UCMAS Courses? When are You Ready to explore courses with the AV “Abacus and Vedic Mathematics” Academy Today? We can help you make an informed choice and provide tools to aid their mental Math Journey!

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