Abacus and Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic Maths
Vedic Maths Tricks for Quick Problem-Solving

Top Ten Vedic Maths Tricks You Should Know for Fast Problem-Solving

Vedic Maths is well-known for its speedy and effective problem-solving techniques that can completely transform how you view mathematics. This blog presents the top ten Vedic Maths tricks to enhance mental math prowess and simplify complex calculations – from multiplication to division; these Vedic Maths tools will enable you to solve math issues swiftly and accurately.

Multiplication by Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication

Explore the power of Vedic Maths’ vertical and crosswise multiplication technique that simplifies expanding two or more-digit numbers.

Multiplication by Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication

Squaring Numbers Ending in 5:

Use Vedic Maths’ trick of quickly squaring numbers ending in 5 to make mental calculations simpler and quicker. Multiplying Close to a Base: Simplify multiplication using Vedic Maths techniques that reduce complexity by multiplying numbers close to their bases.

Squaring Numbers Ending in 5

Doubling and Halving Method:

Access this Vedic Maths technique designed to simplify multiplication and division.

Doubling and Halving Method

Quick Division with Nikhilam Sutra:

Discover an alternative means for fast division of large numbers through Vedic Mathematics known as Nikhilam Sutra.

Quick Division with Nikhilam Sutra

Finding Percentages with Ekadhikena Purvena:

Learn how the Ekadhikena Purvena method can quickly find percentages, saving time on calculations rapidly.

Finding Percentages with Ekadhikena Purvena

Checking Divisibility by Casting Out Nines:

Master this casting out nines technique to test divisibility quickly and detect errors in calculations rapidly.

Discovering Fast Square Roots using Anurupyena Sutra:

Take advantage of Anurupyena Sutra to quickly locate square roots even for large numbers. Checking Fraction Equivalency using Antyayor Dasakepi: Discover this method to evaluate swiftly fraction equivalencies.

Yavadunam Sutra to calculate cube roots

Use Yavadunam Sutra to calculate cube roots with conventional methods, saving time quickly.


With these top 10 Vedic Maths tricks, you can dramatically enhance your problem-solving skills and transform how you approach math. Leverage its speed and efficiency for fast mental calculations – enroll in our Vedic Maths program at AV to harness its incredible techniques!

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