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Top 5 Abacus Classes in Mumbai in 2023: How Can Your Kids Find the Ideal Online Abacus Classes?

Discovering India’s finest online abacus classes can transform your child’s education. Top providers of Best online abacus classes provide effective teaching methods, interactive learning techniques, and personalized support; India’s premier program will deliver a curriculum tailored to their needs.

Navigating India’s online abacus education landscape may feel like an uphill climb. Many providers promise excellence, but how can you select an ideal provider to support your child’s learning journey?

An excellent abacus program can significantly strengthen your child’s mathematical capabilities, while an inferior one could have just the opposite result. So let’s make this decision easy for ourselves and look at top 5 Abacus Classes in Mumbai in 2023.

Unlock Mathematical Genius: What Abacus Classes Offer Your Child

Abacus classes can offer many benefits to your child.

abacus instrument

Improved Math Skills:

Through Abacus training, children develop strong mathematical abilities by increasing mental calculation speed and accuracy in arithmetic calculations.

Enhance Concentration:

improves concentration

Learning an abacus takes concentration and focus, which, over time, can help your child increase their attention span and ability to stay on task.

Improved Problem Solving:

Abacus classes foster logical thinking and problem-solving skills among children. Children learn to analyze mathematical problems more quickly and find solutions more effectively.

Increased Confidence:

As children gain experience mastering abacus techniques and solving math problems mentally, their confidence grows in this area of their ability. This self-assurance can even carry over into other aspects of their life.

Strengthen Memory Skills:

mental skills

Training on an abacus can strengthen children’s memory skills as they must remember where each bead sits on its abacus and its value.

Enhance Creativity:

Learning an abacus requires using both sides of your brain, leading to increased creativity and an enhanced grasp of abstract concepts. Life Skills: Training an abacus develops discipline, patience, and organized work habits, all serving as valuable life skills.

Early Math Foundation:

Abacus classes can lay a firm groundwork in mathematics for later academic success. Stress Reduction: Calculations on an abacus may help children relax while managing anxiety and stress more effectively.

Fun and Engaging Learning:

fun learning for kids

Abacus classes for children tend to be engaging and enjoyable experiences that make learning less intimidating and more fun!
Abacus classes provide an interdisciplinary approach to math education, supporting cognitive and emotional growth through mathematical practice. Abacus lessons may prove valuable additions to your child’s education journey.

How Can I Choose the Most Appropriate Online Abacus Classes in Mumbai?

Selecting the ideal online abacus classes in Mumbai requires considering several key factors:


Reputation and Reviews:

Look for classes with excellent reputations and positive feedback from parents and students, seeking recommendations from friends or family as appropriate.

Curriculum and Methodology:

Be familiar with your child’s curriculum and teaching methods to ensure they align with their needs and learning style.

Qualified Instructors:

qualified instructor

Ensure the instructors possess appropriate qualifications; qualified and experienced teachers can make an enormous difference in children’s success in learning.

Interactive Learning:

When selecting classes for your children, look for interactive and engaging online sessions to keep their interest alive and stimulate motivation.

Trial Classes:

demo class

Many providers offer trial classes so that you can evaluate both the quality of instruction and its suitability for your child.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio:

Lower class sizes or student-to-teacher ratios often lead to greater personalized attention and better learning outcomes. Technology and Platform: Ensure the online platform is user-friendly and reliable, supporting effective learning processes.

Progress Tracking

Check if classes offer ways of tracking your child’s performance and progress.

Flexible Scheduling:

Evaluate whether their class schedule fits your routine as they attend lessons.

Cost and Value:

Consider cost and value when deciding between classes, not simply choosing the least expensive. Do your research before choosing any cheap option; compare quality instruction versus affordability before selecting.



Find out whether classes provide certification upon completion as an assurance of excellence or recognition from their instructors.

Parental Involvement:

Understand what level of involvement parents expect in learning. Safety and Online Etiquette: Ensure that online classes provide your child with a safe and respectful learning experience.

Customer Support:

customer support

Receptivity to inquiries and issues is essential, so note their response time when inquiring or raising issues with them.

Trial Period:

Many classes provide trial periods that enable you to assess if their class meets your child’s needs.


When considering online classes, keep location in mind, as time zone differences can alter class timing, and make an informed choice when selecting the ideal online abacus classes in Mumbai for your child.

Here is our 2023 List of Online Abacus Academy!

1. AV "Abacus and Vedic Maths"

Abacus and Vedic Maths Logo

“AbacusandVedicMath” offers an international online program to instill a genuine passion for mathematics while dispelling any anxieties associated with its study.


Our designed curriculum is carefully planned to engage young learners, making math an engaging and enjoyable experience. By including an abacus in education, AV helps equip children to perform mental calculations effectively within months by visualizing one in their minds.

Course offered



9 Levels Certification Program 

Email id: info@abacusandvedicmaths.com

Contact number: +91 8657878563

2. Delighted Champs


Delighted Champs is an ISO-certified company providing outstanding online education not only in India but globally as well. Their services span Japan, UAE, the US, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Tutoring services provided include native-speaking educators with years of experience teaching online classes as well as expert tutors providing expert tutoring services with diverse tutor teams, including native English-speaking tutors as well as local educators all offering expert tuition services with professional tutors who deliver expert tutoring services via their team of experienced tutors – making Delighted Champs one of India’s premier providers when it comes to abacus training institute in Mumbai, India!


Delighted Champs takes great pride in providing engaging and interactive classes suitable for toddlers, which go far beyond abacus learning alone. Their curriculum encompasses numerous brain-boosting activities like simultaneous right and left-hand writing, speed writing, tongue twisters, mental math games, Finger Abacus, and more – activities that help increase brain development and cognitive skills development.

Course Details – (table)
Email: info@delightedchamps.com
Contact – +91 7987764868

3. Whizz Kidzs


Whizz Kidzs, an established company offering abacus training in mumbai, has long been recognized for its commitment to developing children’s mathematical and cognitive capabilities through innovative online programs designed for them. Their programs aim at honing children’s mathematical capabilities while encouraging healthy cognitive growth.


Whizz Kidzs stands out as an educator-led service with a long track record of achieving quantifiable outcomes, prioritizing transparent reporting, and customer satisfaction, making them a dependable option for families in Mumbai looking for online abacus education.


Course details
Email: whizzkidzsabacus@gmail.com
Contact no: +918422843784

4. IMAS Abacus

IMAS Abacus, one of Mumbai’s premier providers of online abacus classes, is an innovative force in education. Their online programs aim to give children engaging and enjoyable learning experiences while at the same time encouraging cognitive growth and mathematical abilities.


IMAS Abacus stands out in its field with its team of dedicated educators and its student-centric approach that tailors learning journeys to each child’s educational needs, making it a top choice among parents and students seeking quality online abacus education in Mumbai.


Email: admin@imasindia.in

Contact: +91 844 844 0412

5. Brainbay Abacus

brainbay abacus logo

Brainbay Abacus Classes in Mumbai provide parents seeking to develop their child’s mathematical and cognitive development an excellent solution. Boasting an organized curriculum taught by knowledgeable instructors, these classes foster young learners’ mental math abilities as they use an abacus for concentration training, problem solving skills development and overall mathematical proficiency.


Brainbay Abacus Classes in Mumbai go beyond just teaching children how to use an abacus; by enrolling them in these classes, you are giving them an invaluable opportunity to excel at mathematics while creating a solid basis for future academic success.


Call 96196 82427
Email : contact@brainbay.in

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