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Abacus and Vedic Maths
Abacus Courses in Delhi

Top 3 Abacus Courses in Delhi for Enhanced Mental Maths

In the ever-changing world of education learning, the art of mental math serves as the foundation for developing the development of cognitive and numerical skills in students. In the plethora of methods that are available, mental arithmetic based on Abacus is an established and admired method that trains young minds to complete complex calculations efficiently and precisely.


Take a look at the range of Abacus trainings in Delhi and discover the fundamentals of this transformational educational experience.

ABACUS AND VEDIC MATHS- Premium Abacus Classes

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“AbacusandVedicMath” aims to instill an interest in mathematics and reduce anxiety about math through its online and national classes. The curriculum is designed to engage youngsters effectively in the mathematics of numbers.


Discover the unparalleled realm of online Abacus learning! With just a click, immerse yourself in the world’s pioneering and cutting-edge live Abacus E-learning platform by scheduling a free demo with “Abacus & Vedic Maths”.

For an online abacus lesson to be truly effective, it requires a suite of tools and meticulous monitoring, including:


  • Instruction on finger movement
  • Real-time performance evaluation
  • Speed and accuracy computation
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Assigning homework must align with a child’s development, and its assessment is key. The specialized E-learning Portal, equipped with its built-in video conferencing feature, ensures a straightforward learning experience for every pupil.


Enroll in one of “Abacus & Vedic Maths” finest and most sophisticated online abacus courses for an immersive learning journey.


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Learn Abacus for Kids, Adults & Anyone in Between!


Boost Your Career

Gain mastery in observation, listening skills, visualization, imagination, memory strengthening, speed, and accuracy.


Enhance Your Math Skills

Completely improve your listening skills, observation and imagination. speed, memory strength and precision.

Abacus Certification Program – 9 Levels

Find out more information about extensive nine-level Abacus Certification Program, starting with the Toddler Level up to at the Grand Level. Each level has a varied program that covers a variety of arithmetic concepts and provides a comprehensive learning experience.


Why Enroll in an Online Abacus Class?

Conducting Abacus classes online through “Abacus & Vedic Maths” e-Learning Portal offers a uniquely interactive learning platform. Our program is designed to:

  • Instructors who are certified
  • Games-based learning that keeps the interest of children
  • 24/7 online assistance
  • Real-time performance evaluation
  • Monitoring by parents of the child’s progress
  • Fun, bilingual (Hindi & English) learning environment

Need Further Assistance?

Are you interested in learning the world of Abacus as well as Vedic Maths? Make an appointment for a DEMO with us now for customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us at +91 86578 78563 or drop an email at info@abacusandvedicmaths.com

Smart Kid Abacus Learning Pvt Ltd

Smart Kid Abacus Learning Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in providing cutting-edge Abacus Training since 2004. With a substantial presence across 27 states across India and in 22 countries around the world They offer extensive Abacus classes for Kids designed to improve math and cognitive abilities. The programs are designed for kids aged between 4 and 14 years old that help in developing the entire brain and increasing confidence in academic success as well as personal development.

Courses Offered:

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  1. Toddler Abacus (Jr.Kg) – 1 Level Program (3 Months)
  • It is specifically designed specifically for Junior KG students (Aged 4-5 years old)
  • Learn to represent the numbers 1-50 on the Abacus Instrument.
  1. Toddler Abacus (Sr.Kg) – 1 Level Program (3 Months)
  • This is intended specifically for senior KG students (Aged between 4-5 years old)
  • Learn to represent the numbers 1 through 100 using the Abacus Instrument.
  • Acquire abilities in Single and Double Digit Addition or Subtraction with no formulas using the Abacus Instrument
  1. Runner (Age 4-9yrs) 5 Level Program (Duration is dependent on the syllabus)
  • Ideal for students from 1st and 4th Grade (Aged 4-9 years old)
  • The total duration is 17 months.
  1. Sprinters (Age 10-14 years old) 4-Level Program (Duration is dependent on the syllabus)
  • The program is designed specifically for students who are of 5th Standard and beyond (Aged 10-14 years old)
  • The total duration is 13 months.
  1. Advance Level 2 Level Program (Each level lasts for 4 months)
  • After completing Runners (or Sprinters) Program
  • Provides a high-quality curriculum
  1. Grand Level – 2 Level Program (Each level lasts 4 months long)
    • For those who’ve completed Advance Program

Whole Brain Development through Abacus:

The Abacus Program has been thoughtfully designed to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, increasing memory, concentration, visualization and listening skills in children. Engaging both sides of their brain through manipulating Abacus beads provides benefits in terms of: visuelization concentration memory retention recall speed accuracy

Abacus Coaching Institute

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Abacus coaching institute in Dwarka, Delhi NCR! As one of the premier abacus coaching centers, they specialize in advanced abacus instruction and brain development programs for children. With over 10 years of experience teaching the art of abacus and the  team of dedicated teachers committed to it’s practice, the specially tailored programs aim to foster strong computational abilities while honing focus.

Why Select Abacus Coaching Institute

Abacus Classes believe in innovative approaches that empower children’s minds, making abacus learning easy and fun for the young students. The courses aim to build cognitive skills, increase focus and enhance overall brain function.

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Their Abacus Coaching Center specializes in nurturing young minds aged 5-14 years during this crucial learning stage when their ability and comprehension reach its height. Their programs:

  • Develop strong computational skills
  • Strengthen focus and concentration
  • Promote outside-the-box thinking The Services Include:

Abacus Sensitivity Technology: Ancient techniques adapted for contemporary learning. Whole Brain Development: Stimulating brain functions related to memory, attention and visualization. 

Personalized Attention: Tailored curriculum specifically tailored towards personal development.

Problem Solving and Time Management Skills for Exams and Life Challenges. Soft Skills & Personality Development:

Final Thoughts:

In summary, Delhi offers an array of opportunities for children’s cognitive development through abacus learning. Each of its esteemed institutions uses specific methodologies in their quest to unlock young minds’ full potential through this ancient art form.

No matter the decision, all three institutions share a commitment to developing skills beyond mere arithmetic. Each of them specializes in concentration, visualization, memory retention and overall mental agility development in students aged 4-14 years.


Parents looking to equip their children with mental math skills, strengthen problem-solving capabilities and increase overall academic performance can trust abacus courses in Delhi as an invaluable way of doing just this. Each institution provides its own distinctive approach backed by years of experience for an enjoyable learning journey for today’s leaders and those of tomorrow alike.

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