Abacus and Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic Maths

Online Vedic Maths Classes

The invention of Vedic Math :Brief History

Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji found the ancient Indian mathematical method known as “Vedic Mathematics” from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918. 

  • According to his research, sixteen Sutras, or word-formulas, serve as the foundation for all of mathematics. One of these sutras is “Vertically and Crosswise,” for instance. 
  • These formulas explain how the mind functions naturally, thus they are very helpful in guiding the learner toward the best approach to solving problems.
  • The Sutras reflect mental processes. Mathematics is created by these mental operations.

More information about Our Online Vedic Math Course

A Certification Program With 4 Levels

Course Level Description Duration
Vedic Maths (Age 11+ years)
Level 1 - Basic Level
1. Complement
2. Digit Sum
3. Addition Part 1
4. Subtraction Part 1
5. Addition Part 2
6. Subtraction Part 2
7. Special Multiplication Techniques - 3 cases
8. Special Division Techniques - 3 cases
9. Magic Square Tricks
10. Special Square Techniques.
15 Session
Level 2 - Advanced Level
1. Addition Dot Method
2. Vinculum
3. Conversation of Normal number to Vinculum Number
4. Conversation of Vinculum number to Normal Number
5. Addition of Odd series
6. Addition of Even Series
7. Multiplication - same Unit Place digit
8. Multiplication - same Tens Place digit
9. Division by 97,98,99
10. Division by 101,102,103
11. Multiplication of two Digit Number
12. Multiplication of three digit Number
13. Square of two digit Number
14. Square of three Digit number
15 Session
Level 3 - Master Level
1. Addition of Series
2. LCM
3. HCF
4. Average
5. Square root of three digit number
6. Square root of four digit number
7. Square root of five digit number
8. Square root of 2, 3 digit imperfect square
9. Percentage
10. Cubes
11. Cube Roots
12. Multiplication by 99, 999, 9999
13. Multiplication by 11, 111, 1111
14. Multiplication by 101, 1001
15 Sessions
Level 4 - Grand Master Level
1. Fractions
2. Multiplications of Polynomials
3. Division of Polynomials
4. Quadratic Equations
5. Multiplication Adding with one
6. Linear Equations
7. Simultaneous Equation
8. Fractionalization
9. Square root of 6 digit number Magic
10. Calendar concepts
11. Division by Anurupyena sutra
12. Direct Flag Division
15 Sessions
Vedic Maths (For Adults) Software Based
Beginner Level
1. Addition
a. By Rounding off
b. By Dropping Tens
c. Magic Add of 10 Numbers

a. From bases b. By Addition Method

3. Multiplication
a. One Series
b. 9 Series
c. Teen Number
d. Ending 1
e. Antyayor Dasake
f. 2 Digit and 3 Digit with single digit
g. Criss cross method for 2 and 3

4. Squares a. Ending with 5

5. Times Table
a. Ending with 9
b. 9 series table
c. 2 digit table
d. 3 digit table

6. Miscellaneous
a. Magic Total
b. Figure Counting
c. Calendar for 800 year
12 Sessions 4 Doubt clearing Sessions
Intermediate Level
1. Addition
a. By Base Quantity

a. By Compliments b. By Base quantity

3. Multiplication
a. By Nikhilam Method
b. By special number

4. Division
a. Special Number
b. By Base Method
c. By ending 9 d.
5. Squares
e. Base Method
f. Mental Square
g. Duplex for any number upto 999

6. Digit Sum
a. Verifying all Operation
b. How to use Digit sum in Competitions

7. Miscellaneous
a. Magic Square
b. Memory Techniques
12 Sessions 4 Doubt clearing Session
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 3 sessions in a week* *Terms and condition applied

What Advantages Does Vedic Mathematics Offer?

Aids in Calculation Simplicity: Since it can be challenging to compute numbers, math is not necessarily a child’s favorite subject. Vedic mathematics enables children to accomplish even tricky computations using straightforward techniques. It makes it easier for kids to do their schoolwork and encourages them to enjoy arithmetic.



Improves Number Skills: Children who enroll in Vedic math online classes become numerate. They can more easily answer any computations involving square roots, cubes, and roots. When given numbers, they feel confident and at ease.



Enhances Concentration, Focus, and Memory: When studying Vedic math online, a pupil does the majority of the computations in their heads. This practice improves their attention, memory, and concentration. Children grow holistically as a result of the improvement of these features.



Quickness and accuracy: Vedic math online course allows for fast computations. Children learn formulas that enable them to perform calculations more quickly. Since calculators are not used, your child’s proficiency is increased.



Improved Results in Competitive Examinations: As you are all aware, math is one of the subjects in competitive tests that require quick calculations to finish the exam on time. Students may learn to use their strategies and talents for competitive exams and solve difficulties more quickly by studying Vedic math.



Rapid education: Vedic arithmetic is simple to learn if you have the correct teachers. It is a standard arithmetic method that has been simplified, and anyone can know it. For all pupils over the age of five, Vedic math is advised. Vedic mathematics may be used in a variety of fields, including technology, algebra, geometry, and more.


Vedic Math Hint: Five times any number

You must think about whether the number is even or odd while applying this trick. Once you’ve done that, take the following actions:

Use With Even Numbers

Let’s use the following instance to illustrate this:

2244 x 5 =?

First, divide the amount by two. 2244 divided by two equals 1122.

Step 2: To the preceding computation, add a zero to obtain the following result: 11220.

Thus, 2244 x 5 = 11220

For Uneven Numbers


Let’s use the following instance to illustrate this:

2245 x 5 =?

Step 1: Use the formula (Number – 1) / 2 to begin.

This will be (2245 – 1)/2 = 1122 for the example above.

Step 2: The result will be 11225 if you now add five to the end instead of zero.

Thus, 2245 x 5 = 11225

Try utilizing these Vedic math shortcuts to solve 1356 x 5 and 455 x 5 now that you are familiar with them.

Fields of expertise

Vedic Maths Level 1

Age : 10+ Years

Duration : 90 Days

Vedic Maths Level 2

Age : 10+ Years

Duration : 90 Days

Age : 10+ Years

Duration : 90 Days

Vedic Maths Level 4

Age : 10+ Years

Duration : 90 Days

“Comprehensive Interactive Online Vedic Maths Learning Portal Covers Basic to Advanced Abacus Calculation Methods”

    Aspiring to join online Vedic Maths classes or learn more about the other available online courses for Adults and Kids? Contact us via phone at +91-865-787-8563 or email at info abacusandvedicmaths.com, and book your demo today!

    30 Minutes to Math Mastery!

    You will have a greater knowledge of the Mental Math Method being described by the conclusion of each session.

    Calculations will be completed 10–15 times more quickly than previously!

    By improving your capacity for vision and focus, you may develop both the left and the right sides of your brain.

    Where to Register for Vedic Math Online Classes?

    Are you looking for an online platform to learn Vedic Maths? Then “Abacus & Vedic Maths” is the perfect solution for you. It provides online classes for kids and adults, making it easier for everyone to learn this ancient mathematical system.

    The classes are designed to make learning Vedic Maths easy and fun. With a combination of interactive lessons, quizzes, and practice sessions, students can quickly understand the concepts of Vedic Maths. The platform also offers a variety of courses so that students can choose the one that best suits their needs.

    So don’t wait any longer – register now and start your journey with Abacus & Vedic Maths!


     Contact us via phone at +91-865-787-8563 or email at info@abacusandvedicmaths.com, and book your demo today!


    Vedic Maths is an ancient system of mathematics that originated in India and is based on 16 sutras or aphorisms. It is a system that allows for rapid mental calculations, which can be used to solve complex mathematical problems with ease.


    Vedic Maths can be used to calculate the square root of a number, calculate the cube root of a number and even solve complicated algebraic equations. It is also used in various fields, such as engineering, finance, and astronomy.


    This ancient system of mathematics has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its simplicity and accuracy.

    Online Vedic Maths classes can help students to learn the ancient art of mathematics more efficiently and conveniently. With its unique approach to problem-solving, it can help students develop their critical thinking skills and improve their math scores. It also helps them become more confident in solving complex problems.


    Online Vedic Maths classes can be beneficial for students of all ages, as they allow them to master the subject without having to attend physical classes.


    It also allows them to access resources from anywhere, anytime, enabling them to practice and improve their math skills at their own pace. With the help of online tools and tutorials, they can easily grasp the concepts quickly and apply them in real-life situations.

    Vedic Maths is an ancient system of mathematics that has been used for centuries in India. It is based on the Vedas, which are ancient Hindu scriptures.

    Online Vedic Maths classes provide an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning about this system of mathematics. These classes cover a wide range of topics, from basic arithmetic to more advanced topics such as algebra, geometry, and calculus.

    They also allow students to explore the history and philosophy behind this unique mathematical system.

    With online Vedic Maths classes, students can learn the principles and techniques to solve complex equations in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

    Vedic maths classes can help students improve by teaching them the principles of Vedic maths. Vedic maths is an ancient system of calculation that uses simple and easy-to-remember techniques to solve mathematical problems


    . It is based on 16 sutras or rules that can be used to solve complex equations quickly and accurately. By mastering these techniques, students can improve their problem-solving skills, speed up their calculations, and increase their confidence in maths.


    Vedic maths classes also provide an excellent way for students to interact with experienced teachers who can offer valuable advice on approaching different problems.

    Vedic Maths classes are ideal for children aged ten years and above, as it helps sharpen their math skills.

    Our online classes are as advantageous as our in-person classes. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our students and use the latest technology to ensure that they understand math quickly and have their doubts cleared during class.

    We are currently offering our classes through either Zoom or Meet. Each session lasts 60 minutes; however, if the student has questions requiring more time, the class can go beyond this duration.

    You have the opportunity to take a demo class at no cost. If you like what you experience, you can schedule regular classes at a time that works for you.

    Online Vedic Maths classes use various teaching methods to help students understand the concepts better. These include interactive lectures, practice sessions, video tutorials, quizzes, and other activities to ensure students thoroughly understand the subject.

    These classes also provide personalized guidance and support to ensure that each student can progress at their own pace.

    To provide our customers with more opportunities, we often release special deals and discounts. Get in touch with us to ensure you’re up to date with the current discounts and offers before enrolling in any of our classes.

    After completing the Vedic Maths course, an exam must be taken to get a certificate.


    You don’t need prior knowledge or experience to join an online Vedic course. All you need is a willingness to learn and explore the vast knowledge of the Vedas.

    Online Vedic courses provide an excellent opportunity for those who wish to gain insight into this ancient wisdom without having any prior knowledge or experience. From understanding the basics of the Sanskrit language and basic concepts of Hinduism, and exploring various aspects of the Vedas, there is something for everyone in these courses.

    With guidance from experienced teachers, these courses can help you better understand this ancient tradition and its teachings.

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