Abacus and Vedic Maths

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Abacus and Vedic Maths

Online Abacus Level 4

Online Abacus Level 4; Middle of the Road!

Abacus is particularly important since it fosters creativity and enables kids to function independently after they have a firm grasp of the bead arrangement. This level will instill the best habit of using a mental abacus in a child’s early years of development.

The fifth level of the abacus aids in improving memory and concentration.


Abacus, addition and subtraction, and geometry will be covered. (8 rows) 2 digits 2 – Digit (9 rows) (8 rows); 1, 2, 3 – Digit; 1, 2, 3 – Digit (9 rows)

Abacus is a portable, handheld calculating tool for math. It's easy to use, and it's been used for centuries because it's very accurate and reliable.

No More Pen & Paper

The Online Abacus  Level 4 is a revolutionary way of doing math – speed up your calculations by using a traditional tool that you can take anywhere!

Traditional yet Modern

The abacus has been used since 300 BC, but it’s still relevant even today because of how accurate it is and how simple it is to use!

Let's take a Look at the Course Details.

Course Level Description Duration
Abacus Level 4
1. 3,4,... Digits Tables with cumulative addition & subtraction
2. Multiplication of (3×2 )digits
3. Division of divisor 1 digit
90 Days
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 2 sessions in a week (Terms & Condition Applied )
Course Duration

This online abacus course needs three months to finish.

*The student should practice or master the skills at home for at least 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Certificate of level completion

Students can get certified once they complete the level, finish the required work in the books, and pass the exam. This online course is beneficial for kids, Adults, and all.

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    Apart from the Traditional Learning Methods, we also offer a Variety of Fun Activities to Engage & Motivate Students.

    Abacus flash card activity: Abacus flashcards are an efficient way for students to sharpen their memory & comprehension skills. These digital flashcards require less time to remember the answers compared to traditional paper slips and also help in boosting recall abilities over a more extended period.


    Abacus speed writing: Abacus speed writing activities can effectively sharpen your focus, concentration, memory, and comprehension skills. This exercise has been gaining momentum to maximize productivity and reach one’s full potential.


    Reverse, Forward, and Skip counting in Abacus: Regularly engaging in activities such as memorization, reverse, normal & skip counting can help to exercise your brain and increase its capacity. This type of cognitive stimulation has significant benefits for boosting one’s overall intelligence & problem-solving skills.


    Abacus Puzzle Activity: Puzzles can be incredibly rewarding for kids, as they stimulate problem-solving skills while improving memory and teaching them to think ahead. Moreover, it encourages children to pay attention to details such as colors & shapes to complete the puzzle.


    Abacus Tongue Twisters: Tongue twisters are an entertaining & helpful exercise to help you with pronunciation, fluency & correctly pronouncing each word. Alliteration, which is the repetition of a single sound, is also great for polishing your accent and improving the clarity of your speech.


    abacusandvedicmaths.com is here to offer you the best Level 4 Abacus course. To enroll, drop us an email at info abacusandvedicmaths.com or give us a ring at +91-865-787-8563, and we’ll be sure to help get you started!

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