Abacus and Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic Maths

Online Abacus Level 2

Abacus Level 2… Your Way to Love Math!

The immediate advantage of studying abacus math is this: The ability to quickly and accurately conduct mathematical computations is helpful in exam performance. The time that is saved can be applied to other issues. Abacus math skills provide interest to a topic like mathematics. You begin to enjoy math.


Your child will learn more about the abacus and mental math in Level 2 Abacus Classes and get faster at it. The young people study addition and subtraction with two and three digits, beginning with rows 4, 5, and 6 for two digit numbers and 2, 3, and d4 for three digit numbers. From Level 2, their mental math abilities also advance.

An Abacus is an ancient calculating device that is still being used today.

Kids Love Abacus

 Abacus math classes can help young learners sharpen their calculation skills and analytical thinking while also introducing them to an ancient learning tool. This innovative approach provides an excellent way to develop vital abilities.

How does Abacus work?

We offer online abacus classes for kids of any age, and all students are given a personal tutor who makes sure they stay on track. In each class, students will learn how to use an abacus and benefit from improved calculation skills and problem-solving abilitie

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The Hikers level; (Level 2)


  • Children are taught the art of speed writing and acquire the ability to write quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • Play with numbers and become familiar with them.
  • The numbers are designed to relate to the pictures. Introduced to the talent of visualization, which activates the right brain.



  • Addition and subtraction
  • Abacus: 2 – Digit ( 3 rows ); 3 – Digit ( 3 rows )
  • Mental: 1 – Digit ( 3 rows )

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    Acquired Abilities

      • Fixing and updating photographs frequently while they are still available before they go.
      • Concentration abilities become even stronger. The youngster can use the talent whenever they need it, which is difficult and typical for an unskilled child.
      • The speed in calculation advances as a result of manipulation of the mental representations of the sliders and colors, yet for mental computation the level is still only the beginning.
      • Calculations based on listening are started, and listening is a skill that begins at the level.

    Course Duration

    3 months for the program ​
    *The student should practice or master the skills at home for at least 10 to 15 minutes each day.

    “Comprehensive Interactive Abacus Learning Portal Covers Basic to Advanced Abacus Calculation Methods”

    Certificate of level completion

    Will be issued right away following the date that the Level is successfully completed, following the completion of the work in the required books. It would take at least three months to finish the level.

    Image Flash
    1. To give students more opportunities to interpret Abacus slider images that represent values, Flash is the activity that is used in the classroom. It also allows for a better assessment of their ability to quickly read values from moving visuals while giving them more experience. Prior to the launch of the Indian Abacus program, pupils had access to a certain number of flash cards.

      Students will ultimately be able to perform better when using the image of an abacus to conduct faster and more accurate mental arithmetic as a result of the growth in their Visio-spatial memory skills. The ability to conduct quick and accurate mental addition and subtraction using an image of an abacus is an indirect indicator of focus and memory.
    1. During the Image Flash session, the Abacus Tutor advises the students to pay close attention to the task of reading the values of slider images. Following the command “Start,” the Abacus tutor would keep adjusting the sliders on the device (Indian Abacus – Tutors) to compel the pupils to read the images one after the other and record the numerical value of each of these flashing images on the tutor’s Abacus.

      Additionally, they ought to write down the numbers on their notepads. The Abacus Tutor actually writes down a series of numbers on paper before starting the activity—either single, double, triple, or four digits, depending on the circumstance. She then changed the sliders while keeping an eye on the numbers she had written while the children read and typed the numbers.

    Abacus math classes can help kids, and Adult learners sharpen their calculation skills and analytical thinking while also introducing them to an ancient learning tool. This innovative approach provides an excellent way to develop vital abilities.


    With our experienced tutor, your Abacus Level 2 online classes will be enjoyable, and with each session, you will be able to increase your math speed.


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