Abacus and Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic Maths
Best Books for Abacus Maths Beginners

Best Books for Abacus Maths Beginners: Your Path to Mental Math Mastery


Abacus is used for many years as a method of developing mental math skills. Finding the right sources can make the process rewarding and productive when they begin their journey of learning Abacus math. In this blog post  we are highlighting some Best Books for Abacus Maths Beginners, regardless of whether the learning is guided by parents or driven by curiosity! These suggestions will provide an excellent foundation for learning math concepts in the mind!

Complete Abacus Math Book

It offers an ideal beginning base for students who want to learn about math and Abacus for all levels of learners.

2) Abacus Learning Book and Mental Math Basics.

This complete guide provides an enjoyable step-by-step guide to understand this subject. Abacus or mental math concepts for the beginner, covering basic principles, strategies, and activities for learners of all different ages. It’s an excellent beginning point, with easy explanations and lots of practice sets and problems.

3) The SAI Speed Math Academy

Their Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook is filled with various activities designed for children of varying age groups that introduce them to Abacus Mind Math:

This book was designed specifically for children and is focused upon Abacus Mind Math Level 1. It is a fun and engaging method for children to build their mathematical thinking skills by engaging in Abacus games; vibrant illustrations and engaging activities make learning fun!

4). "Mastering Abacus: A Comprehensive Course'' by Takashi Kojima

This book is a complete course for students who want an in-depth understanding of Abacus. It covers techniques and applications. This book is great for those who are just beginning to become skilled in Abacus in time.


5) The Mental Math Method and the Abacus Technique Utilizing the Salmon Method" by Zhusuan Committee"

The book outlines The Salmon Method, an innovative method of mental math that uses an Abacus. Ideal for students who are just beginners. It teaches students how to do calculations more effectively. It provides practice exercises as well as practical applications


6) "Abacus The Mystery of the Bead" by Alex B


It is designed specifically to appeal to youngsters and novices. The book makes abacus enjoyable and accessible while introducing fundamental concepts. Journey through “the bead’s mystery” while learning the fundamental Abacus concepts.


7) "Speed Math Simple" Written by Edward Stoddard, WORDS OF WISDOM [Mental Math Techniques Abacus Speed Math]

While not solely focussed on Abacus practice This book focuses on the mental math skills that can be improved by Abacus usage. This book could be useful to improve precision and speed of calculation.

Conclusion of Best Books for Abacus Maths Beginners

The recommended books are ideal for Abacus math beginners and offer various learning styles and levels that provide an established foundation. They are useful tools that can be used by parents who help their children with math and those who want to improve their mathematical skills. Be aware that practicing is crucial and should be complemented by exercises that are hands-on Abacus exercises to unleash your mathematical abilities!


Choose a book that best suits your goals for 

Abacus mathematical journey right now. With a lot of dedication and the right resources, you’ll be able to quickly become proficient in Abacus math!

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