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Vedic Maths Teacher Trainings in Delhi

Best 3 Vedic Maths Teacher Trainings in Delhi

Delhi, an exciting hub of education and innovation, has long embraced Vedic Mathematics as a transformative teaching tool. As demand for holistic and effective education increases, Vedic Maths stands out as an innovative force within mathematical pedagogy. This blog serves as your guide through Delhi’s vibrant landscape of Vedic Maths teacher training programs – discover its many avenues available to educators looking to enhance their teaching repertoire using this ancient yet progressive mathematical approach – join us as we chart paths towards professional growth for creating mathematically empowered generations in India’s largest educational hub: Delhi.

Abacus and Vedic Maths Teacher Training Overview

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Vedic Math Teacher Training equips educators with the skills to teach Vedic Mathematics effectively. This program focuses on imparting fundamental Vedic Mathematics concepts, teaching strategies, assessment techniques, and leveraging technology for enhanced learning experiences.

Advantages of Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training


  • Initiate online Vedic Mathematics lessons or open a coaching facility.
  • Join prestigious academic institutions as a Vedic Maths instructor.
  • Offer Vedic Maths as an additional subject in your teaching facility.
  • Become a Certified Vedic Maths Teacher in Just 4 weeks.

Course Details

vedic maths
  • Duration: 60 Days
  • Total Levels: 4 (Additional Topics Covered)
  • Teaching Mode: Online Classes
  • Practice Material: Provided
  • Certification: Upon Course Completion
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • Support: Available via Telephone, WhatsApp, Email
  • Analysis: Regularly Conducted

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Course Content

Covering over 60 topics from basic addition to calculus, the course is tailored based on Tirthaji’s teachings. Conducted over 36 hours through live online sessions, the courses are flexible and accessible globally.

Top 6 Reasons to become a Certified Vedic Math Teacher

  1. Foster a Love for Math among students to enhance their academic performance.
  2. Initiate your Math-focused venture or consider Vedic Maths Forum franchise opportunities.
  3. Excel as a preferred teacher with Vedic Math skills, earning recognition from students and peers.
  4. Engage in continuous learning to refine your teaching methodologies.
  5. Unlock excellent job prospects leveraging your Vedic Maths expertise.
  6. Contribute to a brighter future for your community and the next generation.

Scope of Vedic Mathematics Online Classes

vedic maths
  • Addressing global challenges in math education, the course helps overcome math fears and scarcity of skilled teachers. Vedic Math principles are adaptable and applicable from Grade III to competitive exam preparations.
  • Who Can Join
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Housewives
  • Teachers
  • Tutoring Facilities
  • Parents teaching their children
  • Math Teachers & Working Professionals

Why "Abacus & Vedic Maths"?

  • Access professional Vedic Maths expertise.
  • Learn from qualified instructors.
  • Enhance your professional profile.
  • Study at your pace, from home.
  • Obtain professional certification.
  • Enjoy flexible study schedules.
  • Affordable training with individual mentoring.

Contact Information:

Address: CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone: +91-865-787-8563

Email: info@abacusandvedicmaths.com

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Course Details – Brainbay Vedic Maths Teacher Training Overview

DURATION: Approximately 36 hours per level

COST: Rs. 2999 per Level


Who Can Join the Course?


Parents looking to teach their children, entrepreneurs searching for new business opportunities, Mathematics Teachers and Working Professionals looking to advance their expertise, Housewives looking to enhance skillets further and tuition centers looking to broaden offerings are all potential participants in tutoring classes.

Vedic Maths Teacher Training Overview:

Brainbay Eduspark offers a comprehensive Vedic Maths Teacher Training Program through online classes that emphasize individual attention in order to help participants become highly-skilled Vedic Maths instructors.

This program is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to become competent Vedic Maths teachers, offered through affordable online training with a focus on practical applications.

Contact Us:

Address: 23, Thiruneermalai Main Road, Pammal, Chennai 600075

Phone: +91 9941076103 / +91 9884317656

Email: contact@brainbay.in

Vedic Maths Forum India

Learn Vedic Maths Certification in three months


Launch on the journey towards becoming a certified Vedic Maths Teacher within three months! 

Empower children with mathematics by eliminating fear and instilling an appreciation of it, ultimately improving academic performance.

Establish Your Math Venture: Build up enough expertise in mathematics education before embarking on your venture in mathematics teaching. Consider going it alone or take advantage of the Vedic Maths Forum franchise plan to start up a math education business venture.


  • Gain an Edge: Develop Vedic Math skills to become the go-to teacher in your school and gain respect from students, parents, and peers alike.
  • Continuous Education: Stay abreast of new Vedic Math techniques so as to increase teaching proficiency on an ongoing basis.
  • Bright Career Prospects: Unlock exceptional job prospects online or offline by capitalizing on Vedic Maths skills to distinguish yourself.
  • Make a Difference: By enrolling in this course, you are making an investment towards the better future of both your community and the upcoming generation.

Course Overview

This comprehensive maths course offered by The Vedic Maths Forum India covers over 60 topics from basic Addition to advanced Calculus within 36 hours conducted live over three months. The live teachers ensure personalized instruction without using pre-recorded videos for teaching; course timing can also be flexible to suit your schedule allowing round-the-clock training accessible globally. 

Who Should Enroll?

  • Math Teachers + Working Professionals Vedic Maths Franchise Owners Adults who aspire to teach this subject
  • Parents Work-at-Home Moms
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mathematics Enthusiasts

Course Pricing

Certified Teacher Training Course: $397 (inclusive of GST)

EMI Options available

Book your class now or Call for a free demo at: +91-98305-32264

Note: The course is conducted via Zoom or Skype, ensuring interactive and engaging learning sessions.

Final Thoughts: Vedic Maths Teacher Trainings in Delhi

Finding the best Vedic Maths teacher training in Delhi opens up a journey towards mathematical excellence and pedagogical mastery. This comprehensive program equips educators with invaluable skills not only for imparting Vedic Mathematics but also cultivating students’ love of numbers.


Delhi’s premier Vedic Maths teacher courses feature an expansive curriculum and expert guidance to give educators the power to revolutionize math education. By deepening understanding of Vedic Mathematics principles and innovative teaching methodologies, this training opens doors to a brighter future for both teachers and students.


Teachers that immerse themselves in this transformative experience not only increase their teaching capabilities, but also make an important contribution towards relieving math anxiety and providing more qualified instructors globally. By enrolling their students in Vedic Maths teacher training in Delhi, educators help pave the way for a mathematically adept generation – setting in motion an empowering future of greater confidence, analytical power, and analytical capacity.

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