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Abacus and Vedic Maths

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AbacusandVedicMath” carries out A national and worldwide online course seeks to instill a love of mathematics and dispel math anxiety. The curriculum is created in a way that makes learning more engaging for the kids. The biggest benefit of utilizing an abacus for math is that students can mentally conduct calculations after only a few months of memorizing the image of an abacus in their minds.

We also provide pure Vedic classes. Vedic mathematics, which draws its vocabulary from the Vedas, uses clever strategies to resolve difficult arithmetic problems. Regular practice of the fundamentals of  Vedic mathematics can make you a human calculator.

Our Vission

  • To democratize education by building the best digital platform in the nation for connecting students and teachers.

  • To put a strong emphasis on the child’s overall development through our programs, allowing the youngster to make decisions about his or her future aspirations.

Our Goals

  • While a solid learning environment might help you outpace your peers, a growth eco-system molds you to move and grow with them. AbacusandVedicMath is designed so that everyone can advance at the same time.

  • To develop an interactive, engaging Abacus learning platform.


Our Mission

  • To use digital means to connect a learner with the appropriate tutor online. Our team, leadership, platform, and tutors are all dedicated to a single goal and that is spreading the love of Math.
  • To continue providing high-quality instruction, expand at a consistent rate, and create possibilities for educated unemployed women to find work.

“Love Nature has an amazing team of hard working professionals. It has been a pleasure to meet them.”

Emily Davis

Iinformation that you need to know

AbacusandVedicMath” is aware that every child is different and has the capacity to learn. We created the curriculum with the student in mind.

Most parents have trouble finding a place where they may sign their kid up for abacus and vedic math classes. To address the issue, Math Wizard developed an online course.

Our sessions are well-organized and specially designed for young kids and adults as well.

We are constantly updating our curricula and using cutting-edge teaching techniques to become India’s top abacus and Vedic Maths eLearning platform.

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