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3 Expert Vedic Maths Courses Across India to Learn the Power of Numbers

Vedic Mathematics has emerged as an efficient and interesting system of calculation within our quantitative world. Rooted in Vedas and discovered by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji, Vedic Mathematics unveils mental calculations through sixteen sutras or word formulas; by harnessing their power one can navigate mathematics with ease and precision. 

With an increased demand for mastering this ancient art growing across India, numerous expert Vedic Maths courses provide learners of all ages a transformative journey towards mastering this ancient art. Take part in your journey to become a master of this ancient art!

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Imagine mastering calculations 10-15 times faster, thanks to the carefully crafted Online Vedic Maths classes. The goal is to offer an enjoyable learning experience for adults and kids alike while creating an atmosphere where mathematical concepts come alive!

The sessions offer a thorough exploration of mental math, providing you with a greater knowledge and understanding of this ancient mathematical system by the end of every class. Furthermore, these benefits extend far beyond numerical proficiency – including improved vision and focus as well as the simultaneous development of both sides of your brain.

Online Vedic Math Course Overview

Discover our Online Vedic Math Course, an outstanding certification program encompassing four comprehensive levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Grand Master.

Level 1 – Basic Level (Age 11+ years)

  • Complement and Digit Sum
  • Addition and Subtraction Techniques
  • Special Multiplication and Division Tricks
  • Magic Square Tricks and Special Square Techniques

Level 2 – Advanced Level

  • Addition Dot Method and Vinculum
  • Odd and Even Series Addition
  • Advanced Multiplication and Division Techniques
  • Squares and Square Roots of Two and Three-digit Numbers

Level 3 – Master Level

  • Addition of Series, LCM, and HCF
  • Averages and Percentage Calculations
  • Square Roots of Three, Four, and Five-digit Numbers
  • Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Advanced Multiplication Techniques

Level 4 – Grand Master Level

  • Fractions, Multiplications of Polynomials, and Division of Polynomials
  • Quadratic and Linear Equations
  • Simultaneous Equations and Fractionalization
  • Calendar Concepts and Advanced Division Techniques

Vedic Maths for Adults (Software Based)

  • Beginner and Intermediate Levels covering Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and more\
  • Advanced Techniques, Memory Enhancements, and Magic Square Mastery

Leverage the benefits of Vedic Mathematics to encourage an enjoyment for maths and develop numerical abilities. Experience improved concentration, memory retention, faster and more accurate calculations as well as quicker calculations that enable your student to excel in competitive examinations.

Vedic Math Tricks You Should Know!

Learn practical Vedic Math hints, including techniques for multiplying any number by five that work for both even and odd numbers.


Explore Vedic Maths through various levels designed specifically to engage age groups above 10 years, each taking 90 days for completion.

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Join Abacus & Vedic Maths online classes designed for both children and adults! Experience the joy of Vedic Maths through engaging lessons, quizzes, and practice sessions – register today to begin your journey with Abacus & Vedic Maths!

Conclusion: Where Knowledge Meets Innovation

Dive into the world of Vedic Mathematics, where simplicity meets precision. “Abacus & Vedic Maths” offers an effortless platform to help you master this ancient mathematical system – so register now to unleash its power!


Online Vedic Mathematics Course in Online Mode

Step into the world of traditional Indian mathematical brilliance with the online Vedic Mathematics Course designed by Vinay Nair, an accomplished educator, trainer and motivational speaker. This course is carefully constructed to revive age-old techniques that accelerate calculations faster and create a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Highlights of This Course

Get rid of your fear of math and gain unshakeable confidence with math problems by developing a measured approach to solving any mathematical puzzle. And improve both skills and brain sharpness simultaneously!


Enhance calculation speed and numerical skills. Enhance cognitive abilities for a more agile mind.

Versatility of Application

  • Assistance in passing scholarship and entrance examinations.
  • Establish a habit of analytical thinking applicable in various life situations.
  • Gain insights into Ancient Indian Mathematics:
Gain an in-depth knowledge of Indian mathematical heritage

The Learners are aged 12 and above. Anyone can join the course regardless of profession or age. It is a flexible program. Fast learners can complete in less than 9 months.


Details for This Course: For faster completion it could last upto 9 months and contain 24 lessons and 3 questionnaires, an accessible online platform with downloadable lessons and online submission of answers.

For Any inquiries regarding Home Study Courses

Chinmaya International Foundation’s Adi Sankara Nilayam at Veliyanad in Ernakulam District in Kerala India.
E-mail: vedicmathscourse@chinfo.org


Explore the power of ancient mathematical brilliance through Vedic Mathematics Course Online Mode and embark on an extraordinary learning experience.

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IIVA Empowering Minds with Abacus Education and Vedic Maths

IIVA is one of the few Government Certified Indian Institutes offering complete training in Vedic Mathematics and Abacus for people of all different ages. IIVA provides courses through both offline and online modes and offers the possibility to establish a personal Vedic Maths or Abacus training Franchise.


Experience and Success:  With more than 5 years of dedication, IIVA has successfully trained more than 80,000 students, who are teachers, trainers or have set up centers of their individual IIVA centers. The areas in Vedic maths as well as Abacus offer a lucrative educational career option for teachers, offering rapid professional advancement due to the lack of competition. This is why a lot of reputed schools are actively seeking Vedic Maths along with Abacus teachers to develop their students’ abilities.

Certifications and Recognitions: IIVA  holds prestigious certificates, proving its dedication to delivering high-quality education.

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Course Highlights:
  1. Online Vedic Maths Training by IIVA:
    • It integrates digital learning and teaching tools.
    • Eliminates communication, time, and geographic obstacles.
  • Flexible Online Learning:
  • The IIVA is adapting to Digital India era by offering Online Vedic Maths and Abacus classes via Skype and WhatsApp Video call.
  • The institute only assigns one person at a given time to classes online, which ensures more effective learning and a secure interaction.
  • Course Structure and Certification:
  • Online Abacus Classes online: approx. 58 hours
  • Vedic Maths Classes: Approx. 58 hours
  • Four months of semesters, monthly mock tests and a final test
  • Government Certified certificate upon course successful completion

As we explore India’s expert Vedic Maths courses, it becomes evident that numbers are power. Students seeking to ace competitive exams or adults looking to improve mental math skills will find these courses transformative.


When combined with modern teaching methodologies, ancient wisdom encapsulated within Vedic Mathematics offers an unparalleled learning experience – embrace it, enroll in one and witness their transformation from daunting challenges into powerful allies for academic and professional pursuits alike!

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