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Abacus and Vedic Maths
Abacus Teacher Trainings in Delhi

3 Leading Abacus Teacher Trainings in Delhi

Exploring mental arithmetic through the ancient art of the abacus can be an exciting journey, and Delhi stands at the forefront in imparting this transformative skill. Abacus teacher training programs have become synonymous with quality education in Delhi – equipping aspiring instructors and creating the next generation of skilled instructors. 

By making use an abacus, educators can enhance students’ learning experience. Here are 3 Abacus Teacher Training Programs with each course’s details and key features that set their trainings apart. 


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Created by industry professionals, this comprehensive course serves both trainers and students across Delhi.


Abacus teacher training is more than an educational endeavor; it can also bring personal fulfillment and financial success. Conducted online in just a short amount of time, this program allows individuals to incorporate Abacus teachings seamlessly into their schedules – typically offering classes once weekly on weekends.

Online Abacus Teacher Training Course Details

  • Course Duration: 30 Days
  • Total Number of Levels: 9
  • Teaching Mode: Online Classes
  • Practice Material: Provided
  • Certification: Provided after completion of the Course
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • Support: Via telephone, WhatsApp chat, E-Mail
  • Analysis: Regular

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Who Can Sign Up For Abacus Teaching Course?

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Abacus Teacher Training for Homemakers 

  • An abacus teacher training course is a great option for homemakers who want to start working from home while managing their household responsibilities. This course teaches you how to use an abacus, which is a tool for doing math calculations. It’s easy to learn and doesn’t require any previous experience.
  • You can work from home in your own comfort zone with this course. This implies that you can arrange your employment to fit around your other commitments, such as taking care of your household or family. 
  • One of the best ways for increasing your family’s income is to work from home as an abacus teacher and make money. Plus, it will be a fulfilling experience to assist children in developing their math abilities.

Teachers Can Open Their Own Training Centers

  • You can start your academy and become proficient with the abacus swiftly with this training. As a result, you are ready to start instructing kids and assisting them in developing their mathematical abilities.
  • It’s also a satisfying method to put your teaching abilities to use supporting students’ success.
  • Abacus teacher training course is a fantastic way for educators to pick up new skills fast and launch their own abacus training academy. 


Tutors: Start Your Own Abacus Tutoring Service

  • With this training, tutors quickly become proficient in using an abacus, which makes it possible for them to properly coach students.
  • Abacus tutor training programs provide teachers a fascinating chance to quickly pick up new abilities and launch their own abacus-focused tutoring business. 


  • It is a great opportunity for part-time business seekers, with a minimal time commitment and also there is always a need for abacus knowledge. An abacus teacher training course is ideal for those wishing to launch a business. Abacus instruction is a popular option since many parents want their kids to learn useful skills and engage in beneficial activities. Abacus teachers have a fantastic business potential because of this high demand.
  • It also proves to interested business owners that a constant flow of clients are interested in enrolling their kids up for abacus classes. A profitable business can be built by entrepreneurs by providing high-quality abacus training and meeting this need. It’s a fantastic chance to support children’s education while also starting a successful business.

Parents: Fostering Home Education

  • For both parents and kids, learning how to use the abacus together may be an enjoyable and interesting activity of choice. It’s a fantastic method to strengthen bonds among children and foster valuable math and focus abilities. 
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Overview of the Online Abacus Teachers Training Course

  • Abacus courses cover fundamental to advanced levels (1 to 9).
  • Interactive live one-on-one instruction with flexible learning hours.
  • Accessible from any state.
  • 6000+ practice questions and mock exams.

Benefits of an Abacus Online Teacher Training Program

  • Learning from an Experienced Instructor:

The professionals, with over 15 years of experience in teaching abacus online, provide effective teaching methods.

  • Earn Money from Home:

Upon completing the online Abacus teacher training, you can start making money online. “Abacus & Vedic Maths” offers an environment where teachers can begin earning as soon as they receive 2–3 leads each month.

  • Achieve Knowledge from Home:

“Abacus & Vedic Maths” is committed to providing the convenience of studying at home, offering hassle-free interactive online classes.

  • Practice Sessions Online:

Access top instructional strategies, resources, tutorials, and practice sheets, standing out in your teaching abilities.

  • Certificate Recognized Throughout India:

Upon completion of the course, receive a certification recognized across India.

  • Possibility of Earning:

By using this platform, you may generate income upon course completion, welcoming you to join the “Abacus & Vedic Maths” teaching staff.

  • Hassle-Free Education:

All lessons at “Abacus & Vedic Maths” are delivered online, allowing you to learn from anywhere in the world using any device.

  • Educate Your Kids:

Mastering the abacus enables you to easily teach your kids to improve their mental math computations.


Join the Abacus Teacher Training Online course and discover a sustainable environment for both learning and earning


Designed by experts to meet the needs of teachers, tutors, parents and business seekers alike – you’ll find this course highly organized, structured and adaptable enough to fit into any schedule or agenda! Book a Demo now to discover its many possibilities!



Utilize the magic of ABACUS through the extensive Teacher Training Program designed to equip educators with skills required for imparting this magical knowledge.

Teacher Training Content – Levels 1-10 is divided into the following subsections. 



  • Addition, Subtraction Single digit including 5’s+10’s and mixed compliments


  • Addition, Subtraction Multiple digits with 10’s, 100’s, and 1000’s places. Including all compliments.


  • Multiplication of single, double, triple, and 4 digit multiplicand with a single multiplier.
  • Multiplication of single, double, and triple multiplicand with single, double, and triple BODMAS equation.


  • Division of single, double, triple, and four digit dividend with a single digit divisor.
  • Anzan Implementation of BODMAS rule on abacus.


  • Division of single, double, triple, and four digit dividend with a single digit divisor.


  • Division of single, double, triple, and four digit dividend with a multiple digit divisor.
  • Addition, subtraction with decimals with 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s places.


  • Decimals division and decimals multiplication of multiple digits.


  • Calculation of Greatest common divisor/ Highest common factor (GCD/ HCF).


  • Calculation of Square roots.
  • Calculation of cube roots.


  • Calculation of Square roots.
  • Calculation of cube root.
  • Calculation of addition subtraction of multiple digits with negative answers.


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AbacusMaster’s Teachers Training Program is an extensive initiative designed to equip individuals with top-tier teacher training and branded abacus content to foster effective education. 


Over 3 months, participants dive deep into abacus methods, calculations, techniques and skills while acquiring all the knowledge necessary for successfully instructing children while simultaneously running an efficient business.


Program Methodology: Join the  immersive abacus training experience and gain knowledge into its subtle nuances.


Test: Use assessments as a way of validating your knowledge. They help ensure a comprehensive grasp of a topic.


Observe: Participate in live classes to enhance your learning. Gaining this practical and hands-on experience will strengthen your knowledge.


Practice: Bring together all aspects of your learning experience, enabling you to assess and review all concepts covered throughout the program.


Key Features: Learn from Experts: Leverage the guidance of subject-matter experts while employing advanced learning methodologies to accomplish your career goals.


Access to Training Portal: Take advantage of one-year access to our abacus training portal, furthering your journey in learning well beyond course duration.


Certification: Attain a certification upon completing, providing you with additional confidence to accelerate your professional growth and expand your repertoire of competence.


Flexible Scheduling: One-to-one training allows for flexible scheduling to ensure convenience for all participants.


Education has always been about both innovation and tradition, which makes Abacus Teacher Training in Delhi truly exceptional. Blending ancient wisdom of abacus instruction with modern teaching methodologies creates a seamless symphony of learning for teachers who join these programs – not only learning the technical aspect of Abacus instruction but also inspiring curiosity among their pupils!

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